Safety first bath seat review, all that you should know to use bath seat safely

Every first step is filled with curiosity, fear, excitement and hope to get it right. And when it comes to our baby the first time experience has to be of ultimate perfection. To make baby bathing a life time experience we offer baby bath tubs and bath seats in various style and designs. You may select a safe and fun bath and bath seat for bathing the baby you adore and cherish. The baby bath accessories are crafted keeping in mind their innocence and childishness. Not to forget the notoriety hidden within them, bath tubs and bath seats had to be double safe.

 safety first bath seat

A safety bath seat is a comfortable seating for the baby to enjoy the bath and convincing for the mothers while clearing their mental confusion and fear of harming the baby. And it is very much essential if it is the first time you are going to bath the baby with your own hands. The bath and bath seat should be completely safe for fun filled bathing and effective cleaning.

Safety first bath seat is generally recommended for infants of age less than a year who would not have accustomed themselves to the bath tubs yet. Babies of age 3 to 10 months may easily fit in seat. Safety first has developed this amazing bathing seat that rests the baby without a need of support from the parent. This leaves mom free on both hands to bath the baby freely. This remarkable bath seat comes with an in built restraint system with adjustable settings to firmly secure the baby on the seat. Safety first bath seat is provided with swivel design that allows baby wash from every direction and angle.

The bath seat comes with a little comfort for the parent too. With the elbow padding on the sides of the seat, parents may with great ease wash off the dirt from baby’s skin. The adjustable arm clamp next to the bath seat gives additional flexibility for trouble-free and happy cleaning.

Safety first bath seat is a light weight product that weighs just 7.5 pounds. It occupies a small volume of 14*14.5*14.3 inches and requires very little space for storage. These classic seats made by safety first give a great support against the slippery babies in the tub.

Safety first bath seat is perfect selection thanks to its drowning proof design that avoids any kind of hazards due to over filling of water or slipperiness. The baby may be securely placed on the seat and washed to relish the sight of the baby enjoy taking bath. Gone are the days when you had to hear your baby cry while bathing, now with safety first bath seat give your baby the relaxed and calm bathing experience.Safety first bath seat endures the baby’s soft weight and does not break easily. This bath seat ensures 100% safety for the baby without any untoward incidents. However, the level of the water also plays very important role. Check the water level  that is just right for the baby, not to forget the baby is growing day by day.

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