Safety first bath seat instructions, a stepwise guideline

 safety first bath seat

It is the moment when your fingers shiver, mind goes hazy and heart beats faster. All this tension affronts just because you care for your baby and cannot stop thinking beyond the possible hazards while baby bathing. What you need is an elder advice and expert suggestion. With a little help and support this risky process may be turned into simply fun and pleasure.
Safety first bath seat is one such accessory that makes baby bathing in the tub lifetime memories. Its firm stand gives great support to the baby who has not yet habituated to rest on a seat. The design suits the baby in sitting position without any chances of baby throwing back and hitting head back on the slippery tub. The baby experiences a thrilling yet safe bathing experience

When this bath seat first reaches your doorstep, everything is pre installed. There is no need to arrangement or alignment. All you have to do is place this seat on bath tub. Safety first bath seat sets up easily and can be used without any risks.

Run water to sufficient level allowing just feet of the baby dangling in the water, this is to avoid any possibilities of sinking of the head in water. It is important to be close by and vigilant to avoid.

Place the baby firmly on the seat. The back support does not allow the baby to fall behind and with the side rims positioned at higher level the bath seat ensures the baby does not move from its position that too often. Safety first baby seat supports the baby in shallow water and constant parental attention.

Once the baby is secured on the seat, a parent may easily pour water all along the baby and wash them to the heart’s content. The side raisings have elbow support that allows easy washing of the baby in every nuke and corner.Using the arm rest reach the top to tip of the baby and give them a perfect bath. Ultimately your baby is ready to be wiped to cleanliness.

These baby seats offer great flexibility and adaptability for the baby as well as the parent. Other than the fact that water gets accumulated at the bottom, this is a saviour for general bathing problems.  The seat is sturdy that holds on to the tantrums of the baby and comfortable for baby that they don’t intend to jump off the seat. See your baby enjoying the water around them while you bathe them instead of hearing their cries and wailing. The seat height supports comfort to babies of age 3 to 10 months such that their legs don’t hurt while sitting.

Safety first bath seats go well with tubs with textured floorings. Generally the suction does not fit if floorings are textured, but this seat sits firmly on the tub even when it is textured. This enables a stable seat that does not shake or move while bathing. The suction does not come out even with the greatest movements of the baby.

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