Safety 1st swivel bath seat, for 360 degree exposure for baby bath:

Safety first provides swivel bath seat for children. Ergonomically shaped bath seat with a 360 degree swivel technology provides all round flexibility and ease to bath a baby. The toys facing the babies are so well arranged on the swivel bath seat, the baby enjoys the bathing experience in its own innocence.

 safety first bath seat

Safety first swivel bath seat is a product of Dorel UK Ltd. The swivel technology is the result of long term research that this unique patented technique offers gentle access to the every nuke and corner of the baby. The upper body is fitted with a stationary base below. This stationary base is in turn fitted with a suction mat that holds the safety first swivel bath seat firmly on the floor of the bath tub. The upper body is free to move around in complete 360 degrees. This body may be gently pushed forward so that the baby along with the seat turns all round that gives easy access of the baby to the parent.

Also the innovation continues with sea horse toys fitted at the front end. The back end of the swivel bath seat is elevated to support the baby firmly such that there is no back fall. This ergonomic back rest keeps the back of the baby straight without any discomfort. The bath seat may be securely placed in the bath tub with water.The make of swivel bath seat is highly sturdy. It can take up the baby weighing 9 kg to 18 kg easily. Generally recommended for babies of age group 6 months to 1 year safety first swivel bath seat is worth an investment. Additionally, this bath seat may be carried in the aircraft due to its FAA approval.

The baby may be placed securely by placing the legs through the holes provided. With the foot resting on the water foam the baby surely will enjoy the bath with this seat. The swivel technology not only helps the parent but fills the baby with joy when they are rotated along side. You may see the excitement in their eyes as they enjoy their bath.

Safety first swivel bath seat also termed as pastel is available in blue shades with multicoloured sea horse toys at the front end. The suction mat is also given a good contrast of green that adds to the aesthetic appeal of the product. This bathing accessory is light weight weighing only 1.2 kg. The unisex model of safety first swivel bath seat does not have a gender bias so that a beautiful princess may sit and enjoy the bath and also a handsome rider may ride the swivel seat in 360 degree rotation. This swivel gives them a joy ride making the bathing experience wonderful.For identification purpose this swivel bath seat is given a model number 37029760. It weighs just 1.2 kg with product dimensions 34.6*31.4*24 cm. the blue model with green, blue and yellow seahorses are selling like hot cakes. Are you looking for any reason to resist it? Well, it is not going to work!
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