Safety first bath seat with armrest, a comfortable work piece for baby bathing

Safety first bath seats are gaining popularity for the comfort while bathing and in built safety techniques. This is a wonder product that is just great with a blue seat and white body. Safety first bath seats may be used in all kinds of tubs, the tubs with textured floorings and tubs with claw foot. However do not use this bath seat in tubs with shower doors or garden tubs.The spring at the seat gives added bounce for the baby so that any kind of movements do not cause slightest discomfort for the baby. It had to be a great experience for the baby and the parent while bathing their child.

safety first bath seat

As the name suggests safety first has given top priority for the safety of the baby. The high end back rest on the rear end allows the baby ample move back without any tension for the parent. The wide side resting allow royal comfort for the baby while bathing. The front end is closed so that the baby does not fall ahead. The parents may thus bath their baby without any tension or inconvenience.

Safety first bath seat may be used for babies of age 3 months until they over grow the size of the tub. The tub may be safely used in babies of age up to 12 years. Some babies tend to be chubby and good weight, please be sure that the baby does not get stuck up in the seat! Safety first bath seat may be used in babies weighing 8 kg to 16 kg. In smaller kids, the parents may bath 2 babies at a time. The babies may be securely seated on the bath seat so that they enjoy the bath together and the parent may finish the bathing in a jiffy.

The arm rest is the vital feature offered by safety first in this model. This arm rest offers great comfort for the parent so that they may keep their arms on the seat while distracted to take soap or water mug. Only thing is that this arm rest may not be detached. The swivelling elbow rest is a great comfort while cleaning the baby as it can be rotated as per the needs. The suction grippers are added advantage that firmly places the bath seat on the bath tub. The seat keeps the baby up right and the seat is well placed so they are nice and warm in water.

Once the baby is bathed please clean the bath seat as it may accumulate water and dirt. This keeps it ready for next wonderful bathing experience. Rinsing the safety first bath seat thoroughly with fresh clean water serves the purpose.So, safety first bath seat with armrest is a wonderful buy for the baby you care and nurture. Add more and more laughter to the babies and get the fun scale higher with this bath seat. This bath seat is a best selection for fun with safety, a prime requirement for all the parents.

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